About us

The most beautiful stories about companies are about the garage where they began their history.

Soft Build started in the small room of an apartment on the 2nd floor, with the vision that each client can receive the applications they need. It was 2006, large companies were just getting computerized, and for small ones it was a long-term plan to create a website or an application in which to manage their activity.

The next office was at the Business Incubator in Timisoara, UBIT, where we gathered our dreams in the 20sqm room. There we learned to work in teams, to plan projects, to coordinate students who came into practice to learn programming.

At the same time, we chose CodeIgniter as the development framework for PHP and OpenCart projects for online stores. Later, we chose WordPress as the platform for presentation sites and NativeScript for mobile apps.

The team moved over time to larger offices, but we brought with us the warm atmosphere and carefully kept the passion to offer products and services tailored for the client.

And customers have grown with us, year after year, bringing other collaborators and educating each other in terms of IT services and business communication. But the most valuable lesson that customers have always taught us is that of trust, through the courage to let us find solutions for their business needs.

And for that, we will always be grateful!

Benefit from our experience

At Soft Build, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet your software and web design needs. Elevate your online presence and streamline your digital operations with the support of our professionals.

Web Applications

Transform your ideas into reality with our custom software development services. Whether you need a scalable web application or a robust enterprise solution, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.


Sleek and modern designs and user-friendly interfaces are the core of our webdesign services. We create captivating websites that leave a lasting impression on your audience and put your services online.

Online Stores

Launch your online store with confidence using our e-commerce solutions. From intuitive shopping experiences to secure payment gateways, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace.


Whether you need to integrate third-party services, synchronize data across platforms, or automate processes, our experienced team has the expertise to tailor solutions to your requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

Amplify your online presence and reach your target audience with our digital marketing services. From SEO and PPC campaigns to social media marketing, we help businesses stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Mobile apps

Reach your customers on-the-go with our mobile app development services. From iOS to Android, we can develop the cutting-edge mobile applications that you have planned for your business.